New Information On Kyurem Movie + Best Wishes 2 1st 2 Episode Titles.

The 2nd Rfarleydude movie will feature a new character and it has been confirmedit will be a “bad guy”,  it’s possible it might be Ghetsis since he will appear in a “future project” involving Kyurem and the 2 dragons ( Reshiram & Zekrom ) and this movie does star Kyurem, so it makes since to fit Ghetsis in the movie, if not then who will be the main villain???.

Also in the news, the first 2 episode titles for “The Adventures Of Rfarleydude Best Wishes!: 2” have been unveiled:

#1: Sing Melotta!! The Melody Of Love

#2: The Island Of The Raging Onix’s!!!

The season is confirmed to begin into shift in late June.


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